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BCE 1997 Whitewater Triathlon

Bethesda Center of Excellence
1997 Whitewater Triathlon Entry Form

Name_______________________________________________ Age________

Address____________________________________________ Individual ____ OR Team ____


Phone_________________ E-mail _____________________________________

ACA Membership #__________________ (required for insurance purposes)

Relay Teams: Please include the names of all team members. If you are missing any Relay Team members, we will try to match you up with someone looking for you as a Relay Team member.




Entry Fee: Please check for $15 (+ $5 for non-ACA members-liability insurance fee) written to "BCE" before October 13th; (OR $20 + $5 after October 13th) with this form to:

Steven A. LeBeau, DDS
6427 Broad Street
Bethesda, MD 20816-2641

(Optional tax-deductible contributions may also be written to "BCE" remembering that all proceeds will support the facilities, programs and athletes of the BCE -- thank you!)

_______ Although I am unable to compete in this fall's Whitewater Triathlon, I wish to volunteer to be a Timer / Registrar / Safety Boater / Photographer / Safety Guard "watching the gear" / Course Set-up or Take-down Support (please circle preference).

_______ Include me on the mailing list for the spring Whitewater Triathlon, so I/our relay team can qualify for the 1st Annual Ironman Triathlon.

_______ Include _______________________________________________
(name of company and/or individual to contact including address, e-mail and/or phone #'s)
as a Sponsor now or in the future since over a thousand paddlers will receive these BCE communications and may be interested in this company's service and/or products.

p.s. THANK YOU again for supporting your area's whitewater team athletes, representing the US around the world and for helping your whitewater Olympians of tomorrow!
Contact: webmaster.