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1998 Wacko Wacko Slalom

From: Rjstavran@aol.com
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 21:19:30 EDT
Subject: Wausau WACKO Race

1998 Wacko Wacko Slalom Race

July 11-12, 1998
Wausau Wisconsin

Come to the Wacko Wacko instead!

Fees: $12.00 Wacko Members, $10.00 Juniors, $20.00 non-Wacko, $5.00 Cadets, $5.00 ACA event fee.

Attention, You Crazy Paddlers, You!

You are hereby notified of a whitewater filled weekend being held on the Wisconsin River in Wausau, Wisconsin. This race will be a Junior Olympic Qualifier and the ever popular Buttercup series. Open practice on Saturday with the gates in place is a great opportunity for the weekend boaters. "Below dam starts" with the option of portaging Big Drop will be allowed on the short course (no excuses now open boaters and beginning paddlers). The long course will have "Above dam starts" with the more advanced paddlers in mind. The long course will be part of the Junior Olympic Qualifier. Join us at the 1998 Wacko Wacko Whitewater Slalom Race! Bring your family and your friends!

Registration will be for the two days event. You must register to paddle, race or practice. ACA cards must be presented at registration or you will be charged the ACA event fee. All racers will be required to help judge.

To register call 715-845-8200 or email Rjstavran@aol.com

Register early - Don't let me worry to the last minute!

Tom Wood

Schedule of Events:



WACKO 1998 Slalom Race Registration Form

Race Date: July 12, 1998

(At registration) Bib #_______

ACA #(Required)__________________________ or $5.00 Event fee

USCKT # (optional) ________________________

First Name ______________________ Last Name _______________________________

Address _________________________________________

City ________________________________ State ______ Zip Code ______________

Age Class: Check one

Cadet (<14) ___ Junior (14-18) ___ Open ____ Senior (30-40) ___ Masters(>40) ___

Experience: Check one

Beginner ____Novice _____ Intermediate ____ Expert ____

Boat: Ray McLain Rule*

K1 Rec ____ K1 Race ____ K1W Rec ____K1W Race ____

C1 Rec ____ C1 Race ____ C1W Rec ____C1W Race ____

OC1 ____ OC1W ____

C2 ____ Partner _____________________________________

OC2 ____ Partner _____________________________________


non Wacko Members $20.00 ________
Wacko Members $12.00 ________
Juniors $10.00 ________
Cadets $5.00 ________

ACA event fee( non ACA member) $5.00 ________

Total ________

Ray McLain Rule: You are allowed up to six (6) runs. That could be two runs in three classes or one run in six classes or any combination that adds up to six. IF YOU ARE PADDLING YOUNGSTERS OR NEW PADDLERS DOWN THE COURSE, THE SIX RUN RULE IS WAIVED.

Contact: webmaster.