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NSWC Slalom Ranking Explanation for 1996

SLALOM RANKINGS Calculations Used to Determine 1996 Slalom Rankings

Slalom Rankings calculations have been simplified and each athlete can now essentially compute his/her own results, using the rankings factor values in the attached tables.

A competitor's race ratio is calculated for each race in which he/she competed in a particular class. The competitor's time is divided by the fastest time in the race, regardless of class. This is then multiplied by the Field Strength factor and the Importance factor for a particular race -- see the table of 1996 races for assigned values of factors. The formula is:

competitor's time
-------------- X Field Strength X Importance factor = competitor's race ratio
fastest time of race

To calculate a competitors ranking, his/her best 3 results (competitor race ratios) for the year (January through December) are averaged. If a competitor has only two results, the average of the two results is multiplied 0.95 (a 5% penalty is assessed). A competitor having only one result is assessed a 10% penalty, with his/her result multiplied by 0.90. This rank ratio is then normalized for each class so that the top competitor in each class has a rank of 100.

The NSWC determined that rankings will be classified as follows:

"A" Ranked 85% to 100%
"B" Ranked 65% to 84%
"C" Ranked 40% to 64%
"D" Ranked below 40%

If you have any questions concerning the current method of determining rankings, please contact Max Wellhouse, NSWC Rankings Committee Chair, at 501/758-4716.

For questions on data concerning individual rankings, contact Karin Baldzer at 74512.1673@compuserve.com or at 410/377-5814.

(Total Points Possible = 20)
Factor PointsField Strength (fastest times)Importance of Race
104 National "A" Team athletesOlympic/National Team Trials
U.S. Nationals
93 National "A" Team athletesCIWS Finals
Junior Trials
Jr/Sr/Ms Nationals
82 National "A" Team athletesCIWS Qualifiers
Junior Olympics
71 National "A" Team athleteTeam Trials Qualifier/USOF Qualifiers
Mid-America Series
6"A" ranked athleteDivisional Championships
Major Cup Series, Major Double Headers
Junior Olympic Qualifiers
5"B" ranked athleteOther Local/Regional Races
C-D Race Series
4"C" ranked athleteCitizens Races
2"D" ranked athleteFlatwater/Pool/Jiffy Slaloms

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