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Agegroup assignments for rankings

Here's the story. Lots of race results don't show paddlers' agegroup; some of them show different agergoups for the same paddler. So I've tried to assemble what I think might be a reasonable list and ask folks to look at it and correct it. The list below applies for the year 1997.

Anyway, the table follows below. Please use the "search" function of your web browser to search for your name in (which may appear multiple times) and make sure that the information I have for you is correct. Note that in the case of C-2's, I made the arbitrary decision to list the paddlers in the boat in alphabetical order.
Updated: Thu Jan 15 18:18:00 EST 1998

----------------------            --------
Aguirre, Justin                   Jr
Aguirre, Justin/Ford, Morgan      Jr/Jr
Albright, Charles                 Ms
Albright, Charles/Gelder, Tom     Ms/Ms
Allen, Jo Jo                      Jr
Altman, Jonathan                  Sr
Altman, Renata                    Sr
Austin, Theo                      Jr
Babcock, Frank                    Jr
Babcock, Frank/Crane, Austin      Jr/Jr
Bahn, Ryan                        Jr
Baker, Christine                  Sr
Baker, Eric                       Ms
Baldwin, Brooks                   Jr
Baldwin, Brooks/?, ?              Jr/Jr
Baldwin, Brooks/Murphy, Jesse     Jr/Jr
Baldwin, Hailey                   Jr
Bare, Matt                        Jr
Beard, Jeff                       Ms
Beardmore, Simon                  Jr
Bechtel, Les                      Ms
Beck, Emily                       Jr
Beebe, Ann                        Jr
Beitler, Derek                    Jr
Beringer, Robert                  Ms
Bistline, Bruce                   Ms
Bixby, Lauren                     Jr
Blaisure, Jonathan                Jr
Boatwright, Nick                  Jr
Bofinger, Robert                  Sr
Bogner, Joanne Lee                Sr
Bohlman, Brian                    Jr
Bohlman, Brian/Eichfeld, Casey    Jr/Jr
Bohlman, Steven                   Jr
Bohlman, Steven/Greeley, Gwen     Jr/Jr
Bohlman, Steven/Poberaj, Nejc     Jr/Jr
Borjeson, K                       Jr
Boudens, Sarah                    Jr
Bowler, Dan                       Ms
Bowman, Trent                     Jr
Boyd, Kevin                       Jr
Brennan, John                     Sr
Brightman, Bill                   Jr
Brightman, Cooper                 Jr
Brightman, Keel                   Jr
Brown, James                      Ms
Brown, Michael                    Jr
Brown, Nicholas                   Jr
Bucha III, John                   Jr
Burris, James                     Jr
Cannell, Oliver                   Jr
Cannell, Tom                      Jr
Carter, Chris                     Ms
Cheney, Rusty                     Jr
Cierlitsky, Matt                  Jr
Clark, Jonathan/Owens, Jeff       Jr/Jr
Clarke, Andy                      Jr
Clarke, Mark                      Ms
Clarke, Tommy                     Jr
Clements, Bill                    Jr
Clements, Michelle                Jr
Clifford, Nate                    Jr
Clifford, Shane                   Jr
Clouse, Clint                     Jr
Coggins, Connie                   Ms
Coker, Tom/Ludwig, Bion           Jr/Jr
Collier, Spencer                  Jr
Collins, Benjamin                 Jr
Connolly, Sean                    Jr
Constable, Robert                 Ms
Coogan, Anna                      Jr
Cooper, Charles                   Ms
Coriell, Fred/Moore, Luke         Jr/Jr
Cowan, Ross                       Jr
Coyle, Kevin                      Jr
Crane, Austin                     Jr
Crockett, Dan                     Jr
Crockett, Ryan                    Jr
Damask, Doug                      Sr
Davidson, Katie                   Jr
Davidson, Marian                  Sr
Davidson, Matt                    Sr
Davis, Brian                      Jr
Davis, Nathan                     Jr
Day, John                         Sr
Day, Shayne                       Jr
DeWolski, Lee                     Ms
Dennis, Tad                       Jr
Denz, Josh                        Jr
Denz, Josh/Pond, Ethan            Jr/Jr
Dickert, Wayne                    Sr
Dickert, Wayne/Peterman, ?        Ms/Ms
Dinsmore, Jacob                   Jr
Dobbs, John                       Jr
Dotson-Westphalen, Peter          Jr
Dropkin, Sarah                    Jr
Druian, Peter/Dodds, Kaitlin      Jr/Sr
Eichfeld, Casey                   Jr
Eichfeld, Casey/Powell, Rick      Jr/Jr
Eichfeld, Erin/Eichfeld, Steve    Jr/Sr
Emerson, John                     Jr
Emerson, John/Hinkley, Jed        Jr/Jr
Erickson, Lane                    Jr
Everett, Jamie                    Jr
Everett, Mike                     Jr
Fassler, Alan                     Ms
Felt, Ryan                        Jr
Fisher, Burch                     Jr
Fisher, Burch                     Ms
Fleming, David                    Ms
Ford, Morgan                      Jr
Frans, Alan                       Jr
Frans, Alan/Golden, Marie         Jr/Jr
Frans, Alan/Lisa, Ryan            Jr/Jr
Frans, Alan/Mein, John            Jr/Jr
Frans, Kenny                      Jr
Frans, Nicole/Frans, Wes          Jr/Sr
Frans, Wes                        Ms
Frans, Wes/Heise, Ben             Jr/Sr
Freeburg, Eric                    Jr
Frisch, Dan                       Ms
Fulton, Robbie                    Jr
Fulton, Robbie/Weldon, Matthew    Jr/Jr
Gauteson, Fred                    Ms
Gelblat, Renee                    Ms
Gelder, Tom                       Ms
Geltman, Louis                    Jr
Golden, Marie/MacWhirter, Megan   Jr/Jr
Golfman, Peter                    Jr
Goold, Carleton                   Jr
Gordon, Ed                        Sr
Gordon, Windy/Thomas, Steve       Ms/Ms
Gorman, Ben                       Jr
Graham, James                     Sr
Greeley, Gwen                     Jr
Greenleaf, Chris                  Jr
Griffiths, Charles                Sr
Groth, John                       Jr
Gutacker, Chris                   Jr
Gutacker, Matt                    Jr
Gutacker, Matt/Kuhn, Kevin        Jr/Jr
Hall, Courtney                    Jr
Haller, Fritz                     Sr
Haller, Lecky                     Sr
Hamilton, Ian                     Jr
Hamilton, Meredith                Jr
Hanson, Linda                     Sr
Hanson, Linda/Kulawiec,Rich       Sr/Sr
Hanson, Nate                      Jr
Hartridge, Caroline               Jr
Healey, Bruce                     Ms
Heaton, Mike                      Ms
Heise, Ben/Heise, Rachel          Jr/Jr
Helt, David                       Jr
Hewitt, Tom                       Jr
Heyl, Brett                       Jr
Hill, Jim                         Ms
Hill, Jim/Lesson, Robert          Jr/Ms
Hill, Jim/Mascio, Mike            Jr/Ms
Hill, Jim/Mascio, Robbie          Jr/Ms
Hinkley, Bert                     Ms
Hinkley, Jed                      Jr
Horlacher, Robert                 Ms
Horsfall, Dean                    Jr
Housser, Nat                      Jr
Huck, Austin                      Jr
Hunt, Amy                         Jr
Hutton, Tyler                     Jr
Hutton, Tyler/?, ?                Jr/Jr
Iezzoni, Chris                    Jr
Jacober, Sierra                   Jr
Jacobs, Cory/McLain, Ray          Jr/Ms
Jacobson, David                   Jr
Jacobson, Jake                    Ms
Jenkins, Angela                   Jr
Johnson, David                    Ms
Jones, Allen                      Ms
Jones, David                      Ms
Jones, Tom                        Ms
Jorgensen, Anna                   Jr
Jorgensen, Laura                  Jr
Karp, Ben                         Jr
Karp, Beth                        Jr
Karp, Sarah                       Jr
Keenan, Jeff                      Jr
Keesey, Kimberly                  Jr
Kelly, Rob                        Ms
Kendzierski, Deb                  Ms
Kerrigan, Brian                   Ms
Ketting, Neil                     Jr
Kilby, Chris                      Jr
King, Forrest                     Jr
Kirksey, Kate                     Jr
Kleiner, Karl                     Sr
Klika, Frank                      Sr
Klock, Matt                       Jr
Kmal, Michael                     Jr
Kmon, Michael                     Jr
Knos, Jason                       Jr
Koeppe, John                      Ms
Kortze, Denny                     Jr
Kuhn, Kevin                       Jr
Kulawiec, Rich                    Sr
Kurtz, Dave/Weldon, Amanda        Jr/Ms
Kurtz, David                      Ms
Kvanli, Deborah                   Jr
Kvanli, Jordan                    Jr
LaBrecque, Ben                    Jr
LaRosa, Oscar                     Ms
Laffan, Nate                      Jr
Langendal, Christian              Jr
Langer, Marc                      Jr
Lardinois, Scott                  Jr
Larsen, Faith                     Jr
Larsen, Hannah                    Jr
Latham, Frankie                   Jr
Law, Craig                        Jr
Leeds, Mike                       Jr
Leonard, Mark                     Sr
Lessard, Vincent                  Jr
Lesson, Robert                    Jr
Lichterman, Daniel                Jr
Lincoln, Sara                     Jr
Lisa, Ryan                        Jr
Logan, Bob                        Ms
Logan, Jason                      Jr
Long, Chad                        Jr
Long, Tom                         Ms
Long, Tren                        Jr
Lowe, West                        Ms
Ludwig, Bion                      Jr
MacDonald, Bonnie                 Ms
MacWhirter, Megan/Mascio, Robbie  Jr/Jr
Mann, Aaron                       Jr
Mann, Scott                       Jr
Marinello, Kyle                   Jr
Marinello, Kyle/Moore, ?          Jr/Jr
Martin, Mark                      Ms
Mascio, Mike                      Jr
Mascio, Robbie                    Jr
Maston, Jen                       Jr
Matthews, Drew                    Jr
Mattson, Kyle                     Jr
McDade, Nathan                    Jr
McEwan, Devin                     Jr
McGrath, Duncan                   Jr
McGrath, Jake                     Jr
McGrath, Samantha                 Jr
McLain, Ray                       Ms
McLain, Ray/Stephens, Meredith    Jr/Ms
McNeil, Dan                       Jr
Meeks, Ian                        Jr
Mein, John                        Jr
Menten, Dan                       Jr
Mervine, Evelyn                   Jr
Metz, Dustin                      Jr
Miglin, James                     Jr
Millar, Marin                     Sr
Miller, Aleta                     Jr
Miller, Art                       Ms
Mills, Dean                       Ms
Mitchell, Peggy                   Ms
Moore, Brendan                    Jr
Moore, Luke                       Jr
Moore, Tom                        Ms
Mott, Jamie                       Jr
Mueller, Dave                     Jr
Murdock, Todd                     Sr
Murphy, Jesse                     Jr
Musgrove, Jim                     Ms
Ng, Jason                         Jr
Noll, Richard                     Jr
O\'Brien, Kevin                   Jr
Olson, Dana                       Ms
Otto, Eric                        Jr
Padyk, Andrew                     Sr
Palmero, Kurtis                   Jr
Parker, Jerimi                    Jr
Parsons, Scott                    Jr
Parsons, Scott/Moore, ?           Jr/Jr
Patton, Chris                     Jr
Pearce, Keven                     Ms
Perry, Sam                        Jr
Peterman, Andrew                  Jr
Peterman, Will                    Jr
Phillips, Ben                     Jr
Piccirilli, Tom                   Sr
Pierto, Javier                    Jr
Pitts, Paul                       Ms
Poberaj, Jure                     Jr
Poberaj, Nejc                     Jr
Poindexter, Mark                  Sr
Pond, Ethan                       Jr
Potochny, Evy                     Ms
Powell, Rick                      Jr
Pratt, Glenn                      Ms
Preperato, T.J.                   Jr
Putman, Pam                       Ms
Quinn, Ben                        Jr
Quinn, Eleanor                    Jr
Quinn, Neil                       Jr
Rako, Jennifer                    Jr
Rako, John                        Ms
Rasmussen, Shaun                  Jr
Ravin, Eli                        Jr
Rebard, Brian                     Jr
Rebard, Doug                      Ms
Reese, Jonathan                   Jr
Reeves, Shannon                   Jr
Roan, Matthew                     Jr
Roessingh, Toby                   Jr
Rogers, Taylor                    Jr
Sage, Rusty                       Jr
Sallinen, Nick                    Jr
Sanford, Jed                      Jr
Schneller, Tom                    Jr
Schooman, B                       Jr
Schooman, B/?, ?                  Jr/Jr
Seeley, Palmer                    Jr
Seeley, Will                      Jr
Seligman, Tony                    Jr
Shaud, Robert                     Jr
Shore, Jessica                    Jr
Simonson, Kristine                Sr
Skinner, Cassie                   Jr
Skinner, Larry                    Ms
Skinner, Sara                     Jr
Slater, Kate                      Jr
Smith, Adam                       Jr
Smith, Adam/Smith, Robert J       Jr/Sr
Smith, Loretta                    Jr
Smith, Rod                        Ms
Souter, Jonathan                  Jr
Stalheim, Megan                   Jr
Stalheim, Scott                   Ms
Stephens, Meredith                Jr
Stock, Dan                        Jr
Stone, Michael                    Jr
Sunday, Jessica                   Jr
Swope, Steve                      Ms
Thomas, Steve                     Ms
Thonus, Lee                       Ms
Tilghman, Middy                   Jr
Todd, Matthew                     Jr
Tsuyuki, Katherine                Jr
Vauss, Julie                      Jr
Warner, Gary                      Sr
Warner, Glen                      Jr
Weldon, Amanda                    Jr
Weldon, Christine                 Jr
Weldon, Loree                     Ms
Weldon, Matthew                   Jr
Wellhouse, Max                    Ms
Werntz, Greg                      Jr
Westermeyer, Chase                Jr
Wier, Thomas                      Jr
Wilkening, Tomas                  Jr
Williams, Kevin                   Jr
Wilson, Win                       Jr
Winger, Ethan                     Jr
Wolff, Ewan                       Jr
Wolpert, Kris                     Ms
Wood, Tom                         Ms
Yewer, Jennifer                   Ms
Zimmer, Sebastian                 Jr
Zwanzig, Chan                     Ms

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