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Gore Canyon Race Results

Flow was 1270 cfs. Thanks to chris@raf.atd.ucar.edu (Chris Webster) for posting these to the Usenet newsgroup rec.boats.paddle.

Greater then 12' class:

1Nelson Oldhan19:12Wavehopper
2Jeff Parker20:49Wavehopper
3Chris Webster20:52Mistle
4Bryn Dreher21:01
5Alan Hadly21:18
6Josh Anthony22:29
7P.T. Wood26:10Cascade
8Arlo Grammatica26:23Mark V
9Phil Wallzynsky27:35
Charlie MacArthurDNFWavehopper
Scott FrazerDNFMark V (?)

Less then 12' class:

1Billy Mattison20:59Excel
2Ted Keyes21:02
3Curt Berge21:12
4Paul Byars21:13
5Craig Bishop21:59
6Ken Oliver22:01
7Wayne Amsbury22:07
8Jono Stevens22:15
9Todd Gillman22:22
10Jed Selby22:25
11John Mattson22:40Prijon Cyclone
12Ed Lucero22:42Excel
13Scott Eckert22:46
14Rob Walker22:51
15Tom Aex23:06
16Shane Robinson23:20
17Craig Frithsen23:24
18Adam Borg23:29
19William Finnof23:31
20Bret Hale23:34
21John Banker23:53
22Matt Mehall23:58
23Jeff Ladwig24:16
24Craig Cardella24:18
25Keith Fortin24:21
26Rob Dastin & Jonah Drescher24:25Topo Duo
27David Black24:27
28Jeff Deutsch24:46
29Nathan Seeby24:48
30Craig Kisker25:12
31Ken Ransford25:29
32Mike Pagel27:10
33Charlie Beavers27:16
34Silas Treadway27:49
35Ben Dalgety28:59
36Cha Cha Thompson34:01
37Randy Kennedy39:0322 point cartwheel in Ginger's Hole.
Mark FeinsingerDNF
Chris AdelmanDNF
Jahvea VidakoviehDNF


1Lillian Llacer23:25
2Marcia Ready25:59
3Andi Burnite26:59
4Lauren Miniea28:53


1Clear Creek Rafting24:04
2Mongo Products25:31
3Steve's B'Day Team25:41
4Neuvo Wavo25:44
5Timberline #126:50
7Known World NM27:05
8Team Flashback27:17
9Big Yellow Poon27:42
10Dick & The 4 Skins28:13
11Nova Guides28:23
12Extream Team28:39
13No Substitute 4 Experience28:45
14Breckenridge Whitewater29:00
15Riff Raft #230:01
16Kodi Rafting31:41
17Rocky Mtn Adventures32:30
18Riff Raft #1/Team Sotar32:42
19Rapid Fire35:56
20Clear Creek Wing Nuts1:09:15
Duct TapeDNF


1Mad Max and the Boogiemen26:26

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