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1997 National Pool Slalom Results

From: Wayne Dickert

I hope everyone had as much fun at the pool slalom as I did. It was a real success thanks to your efforts. We had a total of 250 boats participating and I'm shooting for 1500 next time around. With your help we can work out the bugs in this and have the world's best event!

I plan to follow up this e-mail with a hard copy of the results that's a little easier to read. Please send me your mailing address just to make sure I can mail them to you.

I'm also going to include a questioneer on how we can improve the race for next time and some try to solicit some useful tips and tricks that you learned like: have a coach sit on the bank and help keep the racer on the correct course. I would have been lost a number of times without Lecky directing me on the right path.

I'm including the English Gate Results in a separate e-mail.

Remember to send your address for the nifty looking hardcopy.
Wayner was up when you ran gate #38? :-) ---Rsk )

Full-Length Slalom Course Results

English Gate Results

(Thanks to Wayner for organizing this event -- I think it was a heck of a lot of fun for everybody. But, Wayner -- you only thought Lecky was giving you correct directions. Didn't you notice something

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