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Amoskeag Slalom (NESS #6)/NE Jr. Olympic Qualifier, Manchester, NH, June 14

In case you're wondering where all the adults went: heavy rains for several days preceding this event raised the level of the river significantly. In order to get the qualifying race in, the course was rearranged the morning of the event, and C/D and open boat racers who were there for the NESS race volunteered as gate judges, timers, safety boats and other duties even though their part of the race was cancelled. This was one of the finest examples of cooperation within the slalom community I've ever seen. --Rsk
PlaceClassName(s)Time 1Pen 1Total 1Time 2Pen 2Total 2Score
1K-1 JrEthan Winger92.23092.2394.88296.88189.11
2K-1 JrKyle Marinello96.62096.6291.10495.10191.72
3K-1 JrScott Mann91.17495.1797.536103.53198.70
4K-1 JrAndy Clarke104.466110.4699.966105.96216.42
5K-1 JrPeter Dotson-Westphalen117.344121.34107.912109.91231.25
6K-1 JrMatt Fasano117.772119.77114.410114.41234.18
7K-1 JrJohn Souter111.7410121.74107.596113.59235.33
8K-1 JrNate Laffan112.186118.18119.604123.60241.78
9K-1 JrMichael Kmon115.382117.38116.518124.51241.89
10K-1 JrRobbie Fulton117.810117.81169.612171.61289.42
11K-1 JrRusty Cheney101.554105.55116.74102218.74324.29
12K-1 JrBrady Rose155.79152307.79142.968150.96458.75
1K-1 CadetAustin Huck153.884157.88132.844136.84294.72
2K-1 CadetKeel Brightman134.982136.98174.166180.16317.14
1C-1 CadetBryan Zaborowski209.774213.77195.8950245.89459.66
2C-1 CadetCasey Eichfeld194.96106300.96224.61106330.61631.57
1C-1 JrJohn Souter108.060108.06116.192118.19226.25
2C-1 JrBrendan Moore100.452102.45108.9750158.97261.42
3C-1 JrBen LaCrecque144.840144.84153.972155.97300.81
1K-1W JrAnna Jorgensen111.272113.27112.210112.21225.48
2K-1W JrLaura Jorgensen145.2152197.21176.09208384.09581.30
1C-2 JrEthan Winger/Kyle Marinello117.6210127.62111.262113.26240.88
1C-2 CadetBryan Zaborowski/Keel Brightman178.214182.21270.1266336.12518.33

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